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Hardie K. has a review of Cedric Watson and Bijou Créole‘s CD L’Ésprit Creole in his world music blog, Thailand to Timbuktu to La Paz.  It’s from the point of view of someone not part of the Louisiana music scene, but obviously well versed in the international music scene.  He’s got good things to say.  His main point is that this group may be poised to go to the big time, an arena that zydeco hasn’t occupied since Clifton Chenier’s death.   Buckwheat Zydeco is close, touring more than he’s at home in Louisiana, but he’s got a good point.


There are thousands of recordings of Cajun, Louisiana Creole and zydeco music. My database lists the ones I’ve located so far. Occasionally someone asks for a list of recommended recordings; here are many I like. Most are readily-available CDs, not hard-to-find 78s, 45s or 33s.  Buy some of these.


  • Abshire, Nathan. Cajun legend . . . the best of Nathan Abshire. Swallow Records SW-CD-6061, 1991. The best of this accordion giant’s Swallow recordings. His motto: “The good times are killing me.”
  • Balfa Brothers. Balfa Brothers play traditional Cajun music vol. I and II. Swallow Records SW-CD-6011, 1990. The group that led the Cajun music revival in the late 1960s and early 1970s.
  • Daigrepont, Bruce. Paradis. Rounder Records CD 6090, 1999. From the fine musician and songwriter from Marksville, LA. He also plays nearly every Sunday evening at Tipitina’s in New Orleans.
  • Riley, Steve and the Mamou Playboys. Friday at last. Swallow Records 6139, 1997. One of the best young bands, excellent CD filled with traditional tunes.
  • Roger, Aldus and the Lafayette Playboys. Cajun legend. La Louisianne Records LLCD-1007, 1993. Fine traditional songs, with pedal steel guitar and many vocals by Philip Alleman.


  • Beau Jocque. Git it, Beau Jocque! Rounder Records 2134, 1995. Live recording from the man who single handedly remolded zydeco music in the 1990s and wore out dancers with his six- and seven-minutes songs. Includes two great stage announcements.
  • Chavis, Boozoo. Zydeco trail ride. Maison de Soul 1034-2, 1990. Had a hit with “Paper in my shoe” then quit music for years and came back with killer music.
  • Chenier, Clifton. Sixty minutes with the king of zydeco. Arhoolie Productions, Inc. CD 301, 1986. The man who is credited with inventing zydeco, this collection is drawn from his excellent Arhoolie releases.
  • Delafose, Geno. French rockin’ boogie. Rounder Records CD 2131, 1994. Geno’s first solo album, named for a Shirley Bergeron song.
  • Delafose, John and the Eunice Playboys. Joe Pete got two women. Arhoolie Productions, Inc. CD-335, 1990. After Clifton Chenier’s passing, this man was my facorite. He played like an angel (or the devil) and sang in French. Geno is his son.

Louisiana Creole

  • Ardoin, Amédé. I’m never comin’ back. Arhoolie Productions, Inc. CD-7007, 1995. From the towering genius of blues-related Louisiana Creole music. He was the Robert Johnson of Afro-French music.
  • Ardoin, Alphonse “Bois Sec” with Canray Fontenot. La Musique Creole. Arhoolie Productions, Inc. 445, 1966.


  • Cajun Capers: Cajun Music 1928-1954. Proper Records (U.K.) 91, 2005. Four CDs. Great survey of the first few decades of Cajun music.
  • Cajun Collection Disky Communications (Netherlands) HRCD 8086, 1995. Four CDs. Packed with fantastic Cajun music from Carol Rachou’s La Louisianne label, mostly from the 1960s and 1970s.
  • Folksongs of the Louisiana Acadians. Arhoolie Productions, Inc. CD-359, 1994. First released in 1959, this is an excellent collection of field recordings of Cajun music made by the former Louisiana state folklorist, Dr. Harry Oster. The one CD to have if you’re going to a desert island.

I urge you to purchase from sources in Louisiana, so we can keep this music strong and available for a long, long time. One excellent retailer is the Louisiana Music FactoryFlat Town Music is part of the Ville Platte, Louisiana family that produces Swallow and Maison de Soul labels.

The country music blog Fan Country has posted a brief review of the new CD by the Pine Leaf Boys, “Hommage Au Passe.”  (English title “Hommage to the Past.)”  The review is three paragraphs and is quite positive.  They are one of the best young bands around, along with the Lost Bayou Ramblers and whatever Cedric Watson’s doing now.