One of the most persistent searches that pick up this blog is for Cajun music lyrics.  So I’m starting a series on sources of lyrics.

Ye yaille chere - p267The first is a wonderful book entitled Yé Yaille, Chére! It was written by Raymond E. Fançois and published in Lafayette, Louisiana by Thunderstone Press in 1990.  There are about 250 songs covered, each with music and French and English lyrics.  The entries include the title, alternate and related titles, the musical key, pattern and the version given in the book.  The book is 506 page and retails for $39.95.  The book gives the address as Thunderstone Press, 123 Florida Court, Lafayette, LA 70503.  The ISBN is 0962554200.  It may be out of print.  The initial link goes to the Louisiana Music Factory, which seems to have it.  Amazon lists it as used for $74 and up.  Also available from Alibris and AbeBooks.  I use this book when I can’t find lyrics as part of a recording package or in other sources.  More sources coming!