New Orleans’ WDSU-TV Channel 8 aired this short (2:58) video recently with background on the rubboard used so much in zyeco music.  It shows one being manufactured, in stop motion, by Tee-Don Landry.  Landry claims it was his father who made the first one for Clifton Chenier’s brother Cleveland to play in the band.  A transcription is included, if you’re having problems with Louisiana-accented English.


Doc Watson’s playing with a musician using a rubboard.  During the set, he asks “What key is that washboard in?”  “I think it’s an F,” comes the reply.   What a great man and musician.  We’ll miss him.

Chubby Carrier, Grammy award-winning zydeco musician, has been playing with a new sideman:  Jay Dardenne, Lieutenant Governor of Louisiana.  The Lieutenant Governor promote culture, travel and tourism in Louisiana, and I’m sure that has *something* to do with his performance.   Don’t quit your day job, Jay!