The best blog on Cajun music is Early Cajun Music by an anonymous author (no, that’s not him in the photo on the profile page).  As the initial page says, “A unique window into the world of Cajun music between 1928 and 1965. Compiled histories from websites, books, news articles, liner notes, and interviews. Most come from my personal 78 collection. Also covering Creole, Cajun-Country, and Cajun swing.”  Must be quite a collection!  Ten to fourteen times a month, the author write one article about a single 78, covering side A, with photo.  You’ll get the lyrics and an embedded recording.  The author has collected her or his very informative posts as PDFs.  The two (so far) links are on the right side, right above the label index.  I’ll be spending some of my time reading through these excellent background pieces.