Belton Richard is not well known outside of south Louisiana, but he is an incredible accordion player and one of the best singers in Cajun music.  Richard (ree’-shard) has also written many songs, including this one, Adalida.  This evening performance was outside on the main stage at the Festivals Acadiens & Creoles 2013.  (2014 dates are Oct. 10-12, by the way–you must go some year to enjoy Cajun music at its home.)  Richard was active in the 1970s and then dropped out of the business until his 1995 album, I’m Back!  He’s backed up here by the Jambalaya Cajun Band, Terry Huval on violin, with Clarence “Junior” Martin on pedal steel guitar.  Richard plays the occasional Sunday dance at La Poussiere, now that Walter Mouton has retired.