Melissa Block, NPR show host, has chosen Beau Jocque and the Zydeco Hi-Roller’s song Slide and dip it, from his recording Check It Out, Lock It In, Crank It Up as her cure for cabin fever.  Beau Jocque, the stage name for Andrus Espre, was an oilfield worker who took a fall that ended his career in the petroleum industry.  As he recovered, he took up the accordion, and learned from Boozoo Chavis.  Espre started playing his own, supercharged, version of zydeco, with songs clocking in at over six minutes, unheard of at the time.  Dancers and listeners showed up at his gigs in droves, forcing just about every other zydeco musician to learn at least one of his songs.  He passed away after a heart attack in 1999, but his influence is still overshadowing zydeco today.