The Blue Moon Saloon is one of the most important music venues in south Louisiana.  It is guesthouse, complete with kitchen, and a deck out back with stage and bar.  It’s a tight little spot, but one of the most jumping places around.  It’s right on the edge of downtown Lafayette and easily found on East Convent right off of Johnston Street, across from the wonderful art deco Borden Ice Cream shop.  During the Katrina Evacuation, I stayed there about two weeks, moving from a huge group room on the second floor to a smaller group room on the first floor and finally to a private room right off the kitchen.  It’s inexpensive and you can cook for yourself, though in Lafayette, who wants to do that?  The stage and dance floor are quite small, though the deck is covered and there’s more space to stand in the yard behind.

Here’s Cedric Watson, the young nouveau Creole musician, with the classic song theBosco Stomp.  The Bosco Stomp is about women, blondes and brunettes.  Belton Richard recorded it under the title The Cajun stripper, probably to make it his own for copyright.  According to the notes “Zydeco Mike on scrub board, Chris Stafford on guitar Thomas David on Bass and Jermaine Prejean on Drums.”