David Brown has written a posting for the National Public Radio blog on “Accordions, Beer And God: Zydeco In Gran Texas.”  It’s headed with a handsome portrait of Step Rideau and includes video of him playing.  The point is that there’s a connection between black Catholics and zydeco music that plays out in Texas and south Louisiana.  As Catholics of all types are common in south Louisiana and so is zydeco, it’s hard to argue with the idea.  Whether one is the ground out of which the other grew is harder to establish.  Brown says that Catholic churches use local dances as important fundraisers.  So there’s certainly an element of mutual support, but zydeco also exists in purely secular dance halls, festivals and trail rides.  This is born out in the video, which takes place in the “Big Easy Social and Pleasure Club,” the “House of Mixology” according to the banner.