Here’s the late, great, inimitable Boozoo Chavis doing Johnny ma cabri (or Johnny billy goat).  The poster behind him means that he was at the Original Southwest Louisiana Zydeco Festival, but there’s no date.  This was one of his most-recorded songs.  Here is one version of the lyrics and a discussion onthe correct grammar to use.  Here are some recordings:

1. Billy goat number three. Boozoo Chavis & [and] the Majic Sounds. Boozoo, that’s who!. Rounder Records. CD 2126. 1993. CD.
2. Billy goat number three. Various artists. Zydeco barnyard. EasyDisc. ED 12136-7070-2. 1998. CD.
3. Johnnie Billie Goat. Boozoo Chavis. Boozoo Chavis. Elektra Nonesuch. 9 61146-2. 1991. CD.
4. Johnnie billie goat. Boozoo Chavis. Zydeco homebrew. Maison de Soul. 1028-2. 1992. CD.
5. Johnnie billy goat. Boozoo Chavis and the Majic Sounds. Live! At the Habibi Temple, Lake Charles, Louisiana. Rounder Records. CD 2130. 1994. CD.