Veteran Cajun fiddler, singer, songwriter and raconteur Hadley J. Castille passed away October 25, 2012.  Castille was well known around Acadiana and beyond, appearing on stage in a flowing white shirt and white hat, fiddling and telling stories.   Some performances were almost as much talk as music, but one saw the depth of his commitment to Cajun culture.  He was also a big fan of Western swing music.  Requiescat in pace.

Here’s a discography that I’ve put together:

Hadley Castille. Louisiana, the state we’re in. Swallow Records. 45-10289. 1985. 45.
Hadley J. Castille. 200 lines: I must not speak French. Swallow Records. LP-6088. 1991. 33.  Also cassette 6088.
Hadley J. Castille. Along the Bayou Teche. Swallow Records. LP-6078. 1989. 33. Also cassette 6078.
Hadley J. Castille. Avec son violon Cajun presents les chansons traditional de la Louisiane. Kajun Records. 5010. 1981. Cassette.
Hadley J. Castille. Cajun fiddling and singing now and tomorrow. Kajun Records. 5020. 1983. 33.
Hadley J. Castille.  Going Back to Louisiana.  SW-6057. No date. No format.
Hadley J. Castille.  Musique de les Castilles. Swallow Records. SW 6123-2. 1995. CD and cassette 6123-4.
Hadley J. Castille. Quarante Acres et Deux Mules.  Master-Trak MTE5070.  2000.  CD.
Hadley J. Castille.  Refait.  Swallow Records. SW 6191.  CD. 2005.  [His latest, with rerecorded older songs.]
Hadley J. Castille and the Louisiana Cajun Band. Cajun swamp fiddler. Swallow Records. 6112-2. 1993. CD and cassette 6112-4.
Haldey Castille & the Louisiana Cajun Band. Cajun Christmas. LaserLight. 12 947. 1997. CD.

And he also appears on his granddaughter’s recording (
Sarah Jayde Williams.  Cajun and Texas swing.  Self-released.  No catalog number.  No date.