The excellent magazine Oxford American has printed a review of two box sets from Brooklyn’s Tompkins Square.  They’ve been mentioned here before, but this is great reading and there’s some even better news.   The sets are Mama, I’ll Be Long Gone: The Complete Recordings of Amede Ardoin, 1929-1934 and Aimer et Perdre, To Love & To Lose: Songs, 1917-1934.  The second has some Cajun music and lots of other ethnic recordings.   I quibble with calling the Ardoin two-CD set a ‘box set.’  It’s just a cardboard cover and two discs.  The really good news is that in 2013 there will be “a 2-CD set of selected recordings of Joe and Cleoma Falcon and the Breaux Brothers (Cleoma was born Cleoma Breaux); and a single CD collecting all of the surviving 78 rpm sides by Angelas LeJeunne and Percy Babineaux-Bixy Guidry.”  These releases and others cover early twentieth-century recordings, all raw with emotion.  Looks like some good, though possibly disquieting, listening!