Raised in Lafayette, La, filmmaker Allen Clements now lives in Pennsylvania.  Clements wants to make a film about Cajuns from the Cajun perspective.  The title is “We Are Cajun” and it’s filming in and around Acadiana.  He’s asking Cajuns what it means to be a Cajun and filming their responses.  Here’s a story from KATC-TV in Lafayette with mostly stock footage and a telephone interview with Clements.   And he’s using Kickstarter to raise funds for production, with a 5 minute film clip.   The deadline to contribute is 8:24 am CT Saturday, Aug. 4, 2012.   Clements says he’ll hire Cajuns to make the film.  There is a web site at http://wearecajun.com, but it’s redirecting back to the Kickstarter site.  Contribution levels start at US$1 and go to US$6500, with many Merci gifts along the way.   No funds go to the producer if the goal of $30,000 is not met, so contribute now!