Ann Goodly was the second female accordionist I ever heard of, following Queen Ida Guillory.  But she only made on recording, with the band the Zydeco Brothers, a cassette entitled, “Miss Ann Goodly and the Zydeco Bros. Band” (Maison de Soul, CAS 1037, 1990).  This performance was at the the Liberty Theater in Eunice, Louisiana.  Barry Ancelet was the host, spreads cornmeal on the dance floor, a common practice to make the floor more suitable for dancing.  She gives the song title as “Green grass,” which Ancelet suggests is “Green, green grass of home,” but it’s the R&B song “Don’t let the green grass fool you.”  According to one site, Goodly does not play for family and religious reasons.  The video notes give the band members’ names.  There are other videos posted of this musician.  Note that she plays a diatonic accordion, not the piano key accordion.