Wilson ‘Boozoo’ Chavis appears here in a 1988 UK documentary ‘Aly meets the Cajuns.’  Aly Bain is an old-time fiddler from the U.K. who came to Louisiana in the 1980s.  He met Dewey Balfa and many others.  Unfortunately this document does not seem to be available in film, though a soundtrack album is on the market.   Boozoo was one of the people who help craft the genre of zydeco in the early 1950s, recording for Edie Shuler in Lake Charles, Boozoo’s home.  After initial success with the regional hit Paper in my shoe, Chavis left the music business and went back to raising and training horses.  But in the 1970s, he returned to music, with lots of touring and new recordings.  I don’t know anything special about this song, the Sassy one-step; it’ s likely some other tune with a name he slapped on it.  My zydeco dance teacher used to shake her head about the way she said Boozoo ‘moved the beat around,’ making his music difficult to dance to.