Here’s the Jambalaya Cajun Band playing Allons à Lafayette, the first commercially-successful Cajun song.  But, wait, where’s Terry Huval, the red-capped singer and fiddler?  Well, he must have had something else on his schedule, because Jamey Bearb in his place.  Bearb is one of the best vocalists in Cajun music, and quite a fine fiddler, too.  He started with father-in-law Jay Cormier in his band Cajun Country.   Nowadays, he’s all over the place, as a member of High Performance and sitting in with other bands.  Jamey with High Performance.  And this performance was recorded at the Liberty Theater in Eunice, Louisiana, home to the live program, broadcast on radio and television, Rendezvous des Cajun.  The theater is managed by the National Park Service, explaining why a park ranger is doing the introductions.