The Magnolia Sisters are currently Anya Burgess, Ann Savoy, Jane Vidrine, and Lisa Trahan, from left to right.  Christine Balfa has also been part of the group, but not since she started Bonsoir, Catin.  Ann (sometimes Ann Allen Savoy) Savoy is the wife of accordion player and maker Marc Savoy, and mother of Wilson and Jo-El Savoy, both well-know musicians, and the author of the excellent book Cajun Music : A Reflection of a People, vol. 1 . Here they are playing a non-traditional song, Lulu’s back in town, or Lulu revenue dans la village, in French.  There’s only one other version of this in Cajun music that I know of, by McCauley Reed Vidrine on their only recording 1929 and back,  Swallow Records. LP-6090. 1991.  They’re playing in the Down Home Music store, in El Cerrito, CA, the retail arm of Arhoolie Records.  Their last album is Stripped down.