The web site flickr Hive Mind promises “The World’s Best Photos.”  It appears to mine flickr for images, sorted by creator-provided tags.  There is a subset for zydeco.  These are the most “Interesting,” a term that flickr uses, but never quite defines, simply saying they are “Beautiful, amazing, moving, striking.”  The zydeco photos are usually well composed, and engaging, but very few are actually about zydeco music or dance.  Why?  The issue is that ‘zydeco’ is not a unique term that means just one thing.  As a librarian, I know that a unique word or phrase that has only one meaning is the best to search.  If not unique, one picks up many different meanings.  As I’ve found looking around the Internet for zydeco music and dance, zydeco is also a brand of child’s stroller and a kayak, as well as a punk music club in Birmingham, Alabama.  Let your mouse cursor linger over one of these photos to see the other tags.  Several rows down are photos of Buckwheat Zydeco, Jennifer Frank, Wilson Savoy, and other musicians.  Even with these weaknesses, the pages are fun viewing, with numerous well-composed photos.