Bought a new 33 LP the other day from an artist I know well, Wayne Toups, but haven’t seen before. Toups has been around for quite a while, and is best known for his rock and roll-influenced Cajun music, with his band ZydeCajun.  He’s a crowd pleaser and knocks ’em dead at live performances.  Lately he’s turned more toward traditional music, with the 2005 D&R Records release, Reflections of the Past.   But back in the 1970s his band was the Crowley Aces.  He recorded for the Kajun Records label, owned by Jay Miller.   Sam Charters recorded this, and many other folk and blues albums, for the European Sonet label.  These tracks are all over the map, with original and traditional numbers.  The cover art looks like somebody’s idea of  south Louisiana who’s never been here.  And love the back cover photos with long hair and big, pointy shirt collars.

Side one
1. Cajun disco (2:14)
2. 99 years waltz (3:11)
3. Bosco blues (3:39)
4. Country gentlemen (2:48)
5. The Cajun paradise (2:40)
6. Black bayou (3:11)

Side two
7. Lafayette two step (2:47)
8. Family waltz (3:04)
9. O. S. T. special (3:16)
10. Midnight waltz (3:31)
11. Think of me (3:08)
12. Musician’s paradise (3:16)

Wayne Toups, accordion and vocals
Richard Comeaux, steel
Wilton Babineaux, violin
Jo-El Sonnier or Sam Charters, guitar
Don Guillory, drums
Mark Miller, bass

Recorded at Master-Trak Sound Recorders, Crowley, Louisiana, March 20, 1979.