During 1984 and 1985 Cajun fiddler Rufus Thibodeaux toured with Neil Young as part of a band called the International Harvesters.  Live recordings from that tour are now available, entitled A Treasure.   One review suggests little has been added to Young’s legacy, however, but Rolling Stone has more positive things to say.   Thibodeaux was primarily a sideman and studio musician, never leading a band of his own.   His recordings include:

  • Cajun country fiddle of Rufus Thibodeaux. La Louisianne Records. LL-129. LP [1987]
  • Cajun fiddle. La Louisianne Records. LL-137. LP [no date]
  • Fiddlin with friends. With Tony Thibodeaux.  La Louisianne LL-1018.  CD.  [1998]
  • Rubber dolly. La Louisianne Records. LL-8152. n.d. 45.
  • Tribute to Harry Choates. Kajun Records. 5018. LP and CS.  [no date]