Here’s the late, great Beau Jocque playing a medley that includes Beau Jocque boogie and Low Rider.  The video and sound are great on this one – says it’s taken from a film.  It’s hard to underestimate the importance of Beau Jocque (birth name Andrus Espre–not Esprit as Wikipedia says).  He single-handedly changed zydeco.  His unique style brought a new rhythm and many new songs into the zydeco repertoire.  Some songs were original and some taken from other genres, like Low Rider.  He was a large man, about 6′ 4″ and a former oil field worker.  A fall made it impossible for him to return to that work, so he took up music.  He learned from Boozoo Chavis, and they were friendly rivals after Beau Jocque’s success.  That success didn’t come overnight, but once he took off, everyone imitated him.  Even now, you’ll hardly hear a zydeco set without a bit of Beau Jocque’s style or repertoire.  The dancing is authentic, south Louisiana zydeco style, or styles, since not everyone is doing the same step.   Died at home in Kinder, Louisiana Sept. 10, 1999, and very much missed and remembered.