The U.S. Library of Congress has made a remarkable service available to the public.  It’s a jukebox of audio recordings, many from the first few decades of recorded sound.  The National Jukebox is a web page with player and playlist of such items as the Temptation rag and If you talk in your sleep, don’t mention my name.   It’s a big rough around the edges.  The player didn’t automatically advance to the next item in the playlist.  And there are search and browse functions.  The feature to limit by language didn’t work on on page but did on another.  Currently there are 262 French-language recordings, out of a total 1525 recordings.  Most include images of the label.  No Cajun recordings in my scan through the first six pages, but feel free to prove me wrong in the comments!  Enrico Caruso, Nellie Melba, Alma Gluck and many other prominent classical singers do show up. “Coming Soon” says that recordings from Columbia and Okeh are coming, so that means some Cajun music will be appearing!  That includes Joe Falcon, Cleoma Breaux, the Segura Brothers, and Amede Ardoin.  Give it a try!