Herman Fusilier writes in The Times of Acadiana that Warren Perrin, a Lafayette attorney and cultural advocate, has located documentation establishing Amede Ardoin’s death date as Nov. 3, 1942.   Add this to Michael Tisserand’s discovery of his birth as March 11, 1898, and we begin to get a clearer picture of the great accordionist, singer and song writer.   He was committed to the Central Louisiana State Hospital in Pineville, Louisiana Sept. 26, 1942, just a few months before his death.  This helps clear up some of the mystery around Ardoin’s death, usually attributed to a beating administered by racist whites following Ardoin’s loan of a handkerchief to a white woman.  I’d like to hear more about this detective story, which also involves duck hunting and Dr. Barry Ancelet, the Cajun music authority at the University of Louisiana – Lafayette.  And remember that the new two-CD set of all thirty-four of Ardoin’s recordings, Mama I’ll Be Long Gone, is now available from Tomkins Square Records.