Another story from New Orleans’ WDSU-TV about Cajuns.  This one is about Floyd Soileau, the man behind the biggest Cajun and zydeco music business in Louisiana.  His labels include Swallow (a phonetic spelling of his name) for Cajun, Maison de Soul for zydeco, Jin for swamp pop and Kom-A-Day for comedy.  And he also operates a retail music business in Ville Platte, Louisiana.  It’s like a trip to the 60s:  they sell 45s, CDs, musical instruments, stereos, and souvenirs.  Me standing by the sign.  Soileau wasn’t the first to record Cajun music, but his labels became the most popular and influential inside Louisiana.  The Ace (U.K.) label have an excellent compilation, Floyd’s Early Cajun Singles.  It’s got 28 great songs, all released in the late 1950s and early1960s, full of the wonderful dance-hall style of the era.  Artists include Milton Molitor, Aldus Roger, Lawrence Walker,  Adam Hebert and Austin Pitre, all giants of Cajun music.  And, yes, Soileau’s Swallow label is still active and puts out lots of CDs.  Now you can also purchase MP3s directly from him at Flat Town Music (Ville Platte is French for ‘flat town’).