Here’s an introduction to the Liberty Theater in Eunice, LA from New Orleans’ Fox8 WVUE-TV.  There’s 3:33 of video, showing Goldman Thibodeaux playing.  Love the old man’s prairie Cajun accent – that’s what you’ll hear around Lafayette and north.  Wilson Savoy plays in there.  Some great shots of dancers, and comment on the connection between the dancers and the musicians.  There’s an old New Orleans jazz player who said he used to hate to play where no one was dancing; he said the audience gave him ‘the fish eye.’  And nowhere does the article or video mention that the name of the show is Rendezvous des Cajuns,  a curious omission.  You can listen live on Saturdays from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm (U.S. Central Time) on KRVS-FM, Lafayette public radio.