From the ‘Collector Not Completist’ blog, here’s a nice, large, clear image of Side A of Joseph Falcon’s Arhoolie LP Louisiana Cajun Music.   I just wonder where side B got to.  With his soon-to-be-wife, Cleoma Breaux, Falcon recorded the first commercially-successful Cajun song, Allons á Lafayette (or Let’s go to Lafayette), where he’s going to change her name to his.   This recording was quite late in Falcon’s career, probably his last.  Chris Strachwitz recorded is live, in the Silver Star Club, probably had the tape recorded on the table.  Falcon’s second wife Theresa plays very enthusiastic drums on this recording.  It’s a good example of what live Cajun music sounds like, even today.  And, yes, it is available in CD.  This is one of those cases where the label and the cover are at odds over the title.  The cover says “Cajun Music Pioneer” and the label “Louisiana Cajun Music.”  One source gives the title as “Live in Scott, LA 1963.”