Paste Magazine reports that there’s a new CD coming out by Amédé Ardoin.  Their headline says “Cajun Legend Amede Ardoin Gets Anthologized.”  This suggests that there’s never been an anthology.   In 1995 Arhoolie put out the excellent CD I’m Never Comin’ Back: The Roots Of Zydeco.   The story says that there are only 34 known tracks recorded by Ardoin.  The Arhoolie has 26.  The story doesn’t actually say that all 34 tracks will be on this CD, but if so, we could see the debut of some new material.   The very suggestive name of the CD is Mama, I’ll Be Long Gone: The Complete Recordings of Amede Ardoin, 1929-1934.   It is available for pre-order on Amazon.  [I rarely link to Amazon, preferring to support locals, like the Louisiana Music Factory.  As of today it’s not on their site.]  Amazon does not have a track list.  Tompkins Square is the record company, but I can’t find anything about it on their web site.