From the official Mamou Playboys web site:

“We would like to announce, with enough solemnity, but not too much, that David Greely will be retiring from the Mamou Playboys, with his final performance with the band on Mardi Gras Day.  David cofounded the Mamou Playboys with Steve in 1988, and has spent a fantastic 23 years with the best band he has ever known, but his audiologist has informed him that he must avoid dance hall sound levels.  In February and March David will go on his final tours with the band, to the Midwest and Northeast, along with a handful of South Louisiana dates.”

“David will continue recording, teaching and performing Cajun music, solo and in small acoustic groups, at home, across the country, and worldwide.  He continues to be the best of friends with Steve, Sam, Kevin, Brazos, and Scott, and he would like to thank the Mamou Playboys’ fans for their support and goodwill over the decades.”

Wow!  Some news!  Greely is a fine fiddler, singer and saxophone player and a founding member of the revived Mamou Playboys, whose first release came out in 1990.  He’s also the oldest Playboy, so it makes sense he’d retire first.  Thanks for the many years of great music with the Playboys!  And we look forward to exciting new ventures, like his solo CD Sud du Sud.