For over seventeen years, Kateri Yager Laborde has been making radio on Slidell, LA WSLA-AM 1560kHz.  She sits in a tiny, rather ill-equipped studio and brings Cajun and zydeco music to listeners all over southeast Louisiana every Saturday morning starting at 10:00 am Central Time.  When it’s over depends on when we are in the year.  You see, WSLA is primarily a sports and talk station, and Kateri’s is the only music program.  At worst it’s two hours long, ending when certain sports events crank up.  At best  it’s five glorious hours.   And streaming audio (or “screaming audio” as she calls it) is now available as Windows Media, or PLS for WinAmp and other MP3 players.  It is the only thing on the station’s two-page web site–not even an address or phone number!   But you can call to chat or make requests to 985-643-1560.  The station is the dickens to pick up on air, even in New Orleans, so do yourself a favor and listen via the Internet.   Today Kateri told me that she’s even got a gang of listeners on the West Coast, after somebody out there wrote her up.  No photos of the station; I’ll see if we can’t rustle up some for you.   Slidell’s a suburb of New Orleans, about 30 miles from the French Quarter, just along Interstate 10, as you’re heading east to Mississippi beaches.

Disclaimer:  Kateri is a long-time friend of mine, and married to Charles Laborde, the guy I work with on WWOZ-FM on its only Cajun music show.