If you’re a bit compulsive and love to keep track of things, try Praguefrank’s Country Music Discographies.  It’s not all in English, I’m guessing he’s from the Czech Republic.  For each artist, there’s a session list, an album list and a 45 list.  To browse, scroll down until you see the alphabetic list of artists on the left, then click on one.  Or use your browser’s search function, usually Control+F will bring it up.  And you’ll find “cajun” as a category, with 32 artist listings.   It’s a long page and not alphabetic.  Search or browse for artists.  You’ll find Nathan Abshire, Amédé Ardoin, Joe Falcon, and a few other old time artists, almost exclusively pre-World War II as far as I can tell.   Many Europeans are fanatics about American music, and go to great lengths to collect artists, periods, and styles.  My hat’s off to Praguefrank for his work and those of other contributors.  Danke! Merci!