Wilson Anthony “Boozoo” Chavis was one of the greats of zydeco music.  He was primarily a horseman, raising and training horses at Dog Hill, his home.    In 1955, he had a huge local hit with the song Paper in my shoe.  Motor Dude special, about a horse, first appeared on his recording Louisiana zydeco music (Maison de Soul LP-1017. 1986).  It’s been covered by Beau Jocque and Keith Frank and become a zydeco standard.   For more on Boozoo, read chapter thirteen, “Dog Hill Days” in Michael Tisserand’s book The Kingdom of Zydeco (pages 235-254, New York: Arcade Publishing, 1998).

Jeffrey Broussard and the Creole Cowboys play Boozoo Chavis’ zydeco hit Motor Dude special.  Broussard was a member of the late group Zydeco Force, a fine band from the 1990s.