Dirk Powell is a wonderful musician.  He began with folk and then fell in with Cajuns, even marrying Dewey Balfa’s daughter, Christine.  He’s been part of Balfa Toujours from the beginning, recorded with Jack White, and put out some amazing folk/bluegrass albums.  The Lafayette, LA-based weekly, The Independent, did an absolutely hilarious interview with Powell recently, called Posthaste Q&A with Dirk Powell.  Where else are you gonna read about Shrinky Dinks, ostrichs, fretless banjos, and three Bobbys (Dylan, Neuwirth and Charles)?  And you won’t believe the Ebola Men’s Winter Vest.  Ebola, isn’t that a dread disease?  Go read it now!  Here he is in Amsterdam October 2009 with Tu peux cogner