It’s not a video of a performance of a single song; it’s a profile of the musician and song writer Bruce Daigrepont.  Bruce plays nearly every Sunday evening at Tipitina’s music club in New Orleans, LA.  He’s been doing it since June 1984.  That’s Bucktown Mary on the left on rubboard at about 4:00.  Bruce has some great perspective on the Cajun dance community.  There is a group of thirty to sixty who come to Tip’s most Sundays to dance and socialize.  He comments on the return to New Orleans by dancers following Hurricane Katrina.  This was filmed after the break or on a rare night with few dancers on the floor.  There’s usually thirty or more couples dancing at one time.  Bruce uses accordions built by Junior Martin, with the distinctive crawfish on the bellows.  The closing song is “Nonc Willie,” about Bruce’s Uncle Willie, who had a store in Marksville, LA, where he grew up.  The store was a haven for French-speakers who would stop by to talk in French and maybe play a little bourre, a card game, and the name of Bruce’s first Cajun band.