As the description says:  “This clip is from a two-hour performance which was one of a year-long series of shows in the Music of Acadiana Performance Series, an effort funded by the Acadiana Arts Council among others, to support and promote the development of Cajun-Creole music venues in small, rural towns of South Louisiana.”  Corey Ledet [LSU-E info on Ledet] is a fine accordion player, writer and singer who is just starting to get some credit for his work.  And Cedric Watson is everywhere it seems these days, the young lion of Creole music. [Valcour Records info on Watson.]  The song they’re playing is “Les Barres de la Prison” (“Prison Bars”), an old Creole tune.  Barres has been recorded by Bruce Daigrepont (Petit cadeau), Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys (‘Tit galop pour Mamou), and the excellent Bois Sec Ardoin and Canray Fontenot (Musique Creole).  Prison shows up in Cajun music, too, with “La Valse de Quatre-Vignt-Dix-Neuf Ans,” the “Ninety-Nine Year Waltz” about a prison term.