Indy rocker Morrissey released a list of his top 13 singles.  Number 3 on the list is “Saturday Nite Special” by the Sundown Playboys.  The story doesn’t say if it’s in order of how much he likes them, but to be included is remarkable.  This is likely from the Apple Records release by the Sundown Playboys, which is to appear in CD form in October 2010.  It’s backed by “Valse de Soleil Couche” (or “Sundown Waltz”).  Remarkably, this recording was a 78 r.p.m. single, and not the usual 45.  It was released in 1972.  What a curiosity!  The excellent page linked above shows the disc, the covers and has really detailed information.  Isn’t the Internet wonderful!

Now to figure out if this is the same group as Lesa Cormier and the Sundown Playboys.   There is a 45 of Saturday nite special from Lesa Cormier & Sundown Playboys featuring 16 yr. old Pat Savant & his French Accordion on Swallow Records 21008.  And the guy in the photo sure looks like Pat Savant.  And there’s a Swallow LP, Cajun spirit LP-6083 from 1990.   That’s followed by Bal du maison on La Louisianne Records LL-148 released in 1991.  So it looks like it’s the same band.  Graham Calkin has this note:   A pre-existing single was brought to the label by Ringo Starr.   So it must have been leased from either Swallow or La Louisianne.