Called the “King of the French Accordion,” Aldus Roger was one of the great  giants of the 1940s through the 1970s, carrying on the accordion revival of the 1950s, following in the footsteps of Iry LeJeune, Lawrence Walker, and Nathan Abshire.  His band was the Lafayette Playboys.  He recorded primarily for La Louisianne Records, based in Lafayette.  Toro y Loco has a short article and obituary from The Guardian (U.K.) newspaper.  He write with surprise that an artist’s first CD could be called “A Cajun Legend,” but doesn’t realize that it’s taken from several 33 1/3 LPs:

1. Aldus Roger. Aldus Roger plays the Cajun French classics. La Louisianne Records. LL-122. n.d.. 33.

2. Aldus Roger. Aldus Roger plays the French music of south Louisiana. La Louisianne Records. LL-107. n.d.. 33.

3. Aldus Roger. King of the French accordion. La Louisianne Records. LL-114. n.d.. 33.

And he released at least twelve 45s from these recordings.  Roger also had a regular Saturday show on Lafayette’s Channel 10 KLFY-TV.   He wrote and recorded a many classic songs, such as the KLFY Waltz, played by BeauSoleil and others.  These recordings feature Philip Alleman on vocals and steel guitar and many other great musicians, like Doc Guidry and Tony Thibodeaux on violin.  Some musical samples at Cajun Music MP3.  Here he is on KLFY with the fantastic Hick’s Wagon Wheel special (named after a club):