This past weekend was the Mamou Cajun Music Festival.  There’s a nice set of photos on flickr from cajunzydecophotos.  There are several photos of the ‘potato dance.’  That’s where a couple faces each other, hands behind their backs, with a potato between their foreheads.  They dance and couples are eliminated as they drop their potatoes.  There are some *serious* looking contestants!  The wonderful band High Performance played.  There’s Steve Riley on violin instead of accordion; he’s great at both!  And Jamie Bearb is on accordion; he’s usually playing violin.  Bearb has one of the best voices in Cajun music.  And this year’s fest was indoors.  I remember one in the 1990s under a tent in the park behind Fred’s Lounge in Mamou.

‘Garde donc!  There are also photos of Paul Daigle (on crutches!) That’s his daughter Dreu on guitar in black.  Look for their CD ‘The Daigle-Frey Affair’ at finer record outlets.  And lots of other giants, like Ken Smith and Vorance Barzas.  Make your plans for next August.