Yes, the Beatles’ own label, Apple Records, is re-releasing a vast amount of material Oct. 26, 2010.  Among the folk and rock are the Sundown Playboys.  I’ve never seen or heard any of this material, so it’s really exciting to have it back.  My own database of Cajun music has releases by the Sundown Playboys on La Louisianne, Swallow, Kajun and Bee labels.  Don’t know who’s in this band, whether it’s the same as Lesa Cormier & the Sundown Playboys.  And, for the first time, the material will also be available for download.

The Apple web site says: “‘Saturday Nite Special’ is a lover’s lament sung in Cajun French by this cross-generational collective from Louisiana, USA, who came to Apple when their teenage accordionist sent in the song on a whim. ”  The song is part of a collection entitled Come and Get It:  The Best of Apple Records.