The excellent blog Where Dead Voices Gather has an article on “C’est Si Triste Sans Lui (It Is So Blue Without Him)” as performed by Clemo [sic – Cleoma] Breaux with Joe Falcon and Ophy Breaux.  “Clemo” was how the recording was originally labeled; it’s not a mistake of the blog writer.   As previously mentioned, this blog explores, song by song, the seminal Harry Smith’s LP “Anthology of American Folk Music.”   The recording was recorded in Atlanta on April 18, 1929.   For biographical information on Cléoma Breaux, see the entry on “Le Vieux Soulard Et La Femme.” For biographical informatiom on Joseph Falcon, see the entry on “Acadian One Step.” For information on Ophy Breux (and the other Breaux brothers), see the entry for “Home Sweet Home.” Cleoma and Ophy were brother and sister.  Cleoma and Joe Falcon recorded the first commercially successful Cajun song, “Allons a Lafayette” [in the second half of the rather long page there’s an MP3 of a 78.]