Some do-it-yourself sites are showing projects made with old vinyl records:, and Make.  As the author says:  “I had an old Zydeco LP on the Alligator records label.  I found a simple alligator profile and decided to give it a try.”  Sacrilege!  If you’ve got any old Cajun or zydeco records lying around, don’t cut them up!  Send them to your local public radio station, public or university library, thrift store, or me!  One side effect of the project was the production of toxic chlorine gas!  “The problem is chlorine gas.  It is extremely corrosive as well as very toxic.”  That’s one of the substances used in chemical warfare in World War I.  Yikes!  Or keep the music alive by coping those old LPs to CD.  Here’s my web page with information on transferring vinyl to CD.