Preston Frank and Ed Poullard played an hour-long set at a recent festival in Rochester, New York.  And Ron Morales put it all in video and it’s on vimeo for you to see and hear in two parts:  part one and part two.   Frank plays accordion in a style that’s closer to Creole than zydeco.  But he’s the father of Keith Frank, so he’s definitely part of the modern scene, by default.  He hasn’t recorded very much:  two tracks on Zydeco Champs, an one side of the LP Zydeco vol. 2. Arhoolie, 1090 (1985) and two 45s on Arhoolie; a 45 Zydeco party. Lanor Records 637 are all I can find.   Poullard plays fiddle and is brother to the late Danny Poullard, accordion player and teacher.  As far as I can tell, he has never recorded.

The videos were primarily taken from a stationary camera.  The dancers are in the front and the band in the back.  There are some pans of dancers, and some shots of the band.  The audio is not bad, especially for an outdoor event.   It’s definitely worth a listen and a look.