The excellent blog, Where Dead Voices Gather, covers the early Cajun recording “”Le Vieux Soulard Et Sa Femme (The Old Drunkard and his Wife)” – Clemo Breaux and Joseph Falcon.”  It’s really Cleoma, but ‘Clemo’ was the record label’s spelling.  And later they married, kept recording together.  She passed away and Falcon married again.  You can hear him and his second wife, Theresa, a drummer, on a live album from Arhoolie.   The wonderful video features Ann Savoy, Cajun music author and musician.  Don’t miss the a capella performance of “La Reine de la Salle” (“Queen of the [dance] Hall”).  Cleoma also recorded with her brothers, les Breaux Férèrs, Amedee and Ophy.