HBO’s new series Treme is set in New Orleans, starting three months after Hurricane Katrina.  It appears Sunday evenings.  I’ve seen the first two, and they’re pretty good.  This past Sunday, the Pine Leaf Boys appeared in episode seven.  NPR has the transcript of an interview with Josh Jackson of radio station WGBO.  Can’t tell what the context of their appearance is, since the Pine Leaf Boys are out of Lafayette.   At least one of my brothers-in-law has a DVR, so I’ll get to see it soon.

Here are the Boys in their new configuration:  Courtney Granger on fiddle, following the departure of Cedric Watson.  The song is “Allons Rock and Roll” (here called “Allons Cajun Rock and Roll”), a bit of Cajun-English language mashup, from the swamp pop genre, rather than traditional Cajun.  The venue is a Saturday night performance and live broadcast called Rendez-Vous des Cajun.