Zydeco accordion player Wilfred Chevis passed away Friday, May 7, 2010 in Houston, Texas.  He was 65 years of age.  His wake, funeral and internment took place this past weekend.  Our condolences to his family and friends.  His father played accordion.  His last name was also spelled Chavis on occasion.  My database shows three recordings for Chevis:

1. Wilfred Chevis. Oh Mom (Allons dancer). Maison de Soul. 45-1035. 1986. 45.

2. Wilfred Chevis and the Texas Zydeco Band. Foot stompin’ zydeco. Maison de Soul. LP-1013. 1985. 33.

3. Wilfred Chevis and the Texas Zydeco Band. Let’s go to P.T.’s. Maison de Soul. MdS-LP-1040. 1991. 33.

Louisiana Music factory has a 2004 MTE Records release, Wilfred Chevis and the Texas Zydeco BandAmazon has a cassette version of that recording and two others, Makin’ It to Louisiana and Let’s Go to PTsGEMM lists the Texas Zydeco Band CD.  Alibris Music has Makin’ It Back to Louisiana and two various artist titles:  Rockin’ Zydeco Party and Zydeco Festival, both from Maison de Soul.   Chevis does not appear in the Flat Town Music Artist A-to-Z page.  Zydeco Festival and Rockin’ Zydeco Party are in print.   The first has two cuts from Chevis, Allons Danser le Zydeco and, Keep on Dancin and the latter just one, Chere Marie.   Chevis was not a major zydeco figure.  I don’t recall his ever appearing in New Orleans nor do I recall seeing him.  But it’s sad to lose even one of that rare group, zydeco musicians.