Dateline London, Feb. 11, 2010:  Production has been approved for a new U.K. film, Dirt Road to Lafayette.  You read it right, a bunch of Europeans are making a film set in south Louisiana.  The director is Kenneth “Kenny” Glenaan, who has done mostly TV in the UK.  (The Hollywood Reporter article incorrectly identifies him as “Glenann.”)    Glenaan won a UK BAFTA award (comparable to an Oscar) for his 2008 film “Summer,” so maybe this one won’t be too schlocky.  Plot is about a Scottish father and son who journey to Lafayette following a death in the family, where musician son encounters zydeco.  Sounds like 2003 Schultze Gets the Blues, a Germany film about a retired miner who makes a mythical journey to zydeco country, winding up at New Orleans’ Rock ‘N’ Bowl!