Jim Jaillet, a tourist from the Seattle, Washington, area recently visited Fred’s Lounge in Mamou, Louisiana.  Fred’s is an institution, and hosts a Saturday morning Cajun music concert and free-for-all.  As the sign at Fred’s reads, “No dancing on the tables.”  Mr. Jaillet wrote a brief account of his visit and has posted some photos.  Radio station KVPI-FM in Ville Platte, Louisiana broadcast the events live (listen live link not working 8 Feb 2010).  Mr. Revon Reed was the announcer for some years.  Mr. Reed died, and the station moved on to an oldies format.  However, their weekly schedule still has “French News” and “French Tradio” with Roland Manuel Saturday from 7:30 am to 8:00 am.   His bio says he enjoys doing the live remote from Fred’s, so that’s great news.  There’s other programming that looks French in the same slot most days, except Sunday, with various programmers.  There’s a mention of Jim Soileau and Danny Poullard.   When I visited in the early 2000s, I was promptly put on air and interviewed in French, by Jim Soileau.   I’m glad they still have some French programming, as the station once thrived on it.  There’s a recording of a live broadcast on an out-of-print 33 1/3 LP:  Mamou Cajun Band. This is Mamou Cajun radio. Sonet Records. SNTF 802. 1979.   And every day at 6:00 am local time is the Rosary.  The main page gives a link to email the on-air DJ.  Wonder if their Danny Poullard is related to the great accordion player.