The new Tommy Comeaux Endowed Chair in Traditional Music is open at the University of Louisiana-Lafayette.   Locals raised $600,000 and the State of Louisiana Board of Regents (which oversees the university) kicked in $400,000.  The funds will pay the salary and some additional expenses from interest on the million dollars for the foreseeable future.   Comeaux was a musician and member of BeauSoleil and Coteau who died in a tragic accident in 1997.  He was on a bicycle and was struck head-on by an SUV driver in Broussard, LA.   Comeaux can be heard on earlier BeauSoleil recordings, like Bayou Deluxe: Best Of Michael Doucet & Beausoleil.  Funds were raised in an annual “Medicine Show” performance in Lafayette.  At least three collections were released on CD.  Volumes one and three are available from the Louisiana Music Factory.