The Pine Leaf Boys’ Wilson Savoy is interviewed in an article in the Colorado Spring Independent.  He swears that he didn’t know that Led Zeppelin was a band.  And he minces no words, calling Grammy Award winning bands “soulless little wimps.”  He traces the history of the Pine Leaf Boys, from a group house down the block from the Blue Moon Saloon to the present.  I stayed at the Blue Moon for two weeks in September 2005, during the Katrina evacuation, and can testify to seeing them there a *lot.*  My favorite moment was when Wilson came to a Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys performance wearing a spiky wig that made him look like C.C. Adcock.  Riley gave him a very intense look, which Savoy failed to notice.  A passinate fellow to say the least.  And the Pine Leaf Boys are one of the best young bands around, for sure!

And NPR has a piece on the Pine Leaf Boys, too.  See the Pine Leaf Boys on YouTube.