I’m excited to find a new online resource, the Southwest Louisiana Musicians Encyclopedia.  Here’s their description:

The SWLA Musicians Encyclopedia is a compendium of narrative and descriptive essays about the people and places relating to music and musicians of SWLA. For the purposes of this encyclopedia, the definition of a “Southwest Louisiana Musician” remains a fluid and slippery endeavor. As a general rule, “Southwest Louisiana” means “Imperial Calcasieu,” the region now made up of Calcasieu, Cameron, Allen, Beauregard, and Jefferson Davis parishes. To be sure, a musician born within the boundaries of these parishes falls under the category of “Southwest Louisiana Musician.” However, after that criterion, the definition becomes less definite. Other musicians not fortunate enough to be born on Imperial Calcasieu soil, but who lived, worked, or performed extensively in this area are included. The Encyclopedia also includes bands, civic organizations, educators, and companies associated with Southwest Louisiana music.

I’ve never heard the phrase “Imperial Calcasieu.”  When was it an empire or part of one?  The Empire of Mexico?  That’s certainly a notion that makes me grin.   Anywa, this could be a really helpful resource, as it includes people and places, like clubs.  Major people like Nathan Abshire and Lawrence Walker are part of this listing.  A very few listings include photos.  The entries are quite short, but have links to other resources.  It is definitely not limited to Cajun, Louisiana Creole and zydeco, and includes country and rhythm and blues music.