Some time ago Steve Riley & the Mamou Playboys decided to take a step into indie territory by  producing their own recording.  They asked for support from fans to pay for this endeavor.  However, today, they announced that they are scrapping some earlier recordings and starting over.  Too bad, but let’s hope the results are as good as David Greely says in their message of today:

Hi folks,

Last year we offered our fans an opportunity to pre-order our next recording, in an effort to independently fund a new studio album. We got started on it last spring, with recording sessions in Ville Platte LA and Austin TX, and then had to take a summer hiatus, because of our touring schedule and the schedule of our producer, CC Adcock, who had been working on music for the HBO series ‘True Blood,’ and the new film about Little Band o’ Gold, ‘Promised Land,’ as well as several other things.

Needless to say, the original release schedule I suggested to you folks had to be revised. As the project progressed, we realized that a hurried-up half-Adcocked record would never do, because we already have twelve albums out, and this one has to be better than ALL of them.

We started up again in October in New Orleans, at the studio of famed recording engineer Mike Napolitano, and we were extremely happy with the results. This project is really taking shape, and true progress is being made whenever we can get the whole team together to work.

We’ve also found that the funding we’ve received from you, for which we are very grateful, will be nowhere near enough to complete the record, but it has provided a fund with which we can lay a foundation, and enable us to attract the interest of a record label.

So, you’ve made it possible to get it started, and you will STILL be the first to receive advance copies when they are ready. At this point we know better than to project when that will be, but we will try to keep you informed.

We are only sending it to those who have pre-ordered the record, as a thank you gift for your help, and your patience.


David Greely

Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys