The Cajun French Music Association (CFMA) is holding its 21st annual “Le Cajun” Awards show Aug. 20-22, 2009 in Lafayette, LA.  The CFMA is made up of many local chapters, from New Orleans to San Antonio, Texas.  Also affectionately known as the “Cajun Feuding and Marauding Association,” the CFMA holds dances and other events and gives out these annual awards to boost Cajun music.  Here’s the schedule of events for 2009, all in Lafayette, LA, about two hours drive west of New Orleans on Interstate 10:

Thursday, Aug. 20, 6-9 pm, Vermilionville (an historic replica Cajun village): Donnie Broussard & Louisiana Stars.  This event is being billed as “Le Bon Coeur des Cajins” (The Good Heart of the Cajuns).

Friday, Aug. 21, 7pm, Blackham Coliseum awards ceremony with Don Fontenot & Les Amis de la Louisiane.  Admission $5.

Saturday, Aug. 22, 7:30am (yes, it’s early!) doors open:  Youth Band (9-10), Jason Frey (10:15-12:15), Kevin Naquin and the Ossun Playboys (12:45-2:45), Robert Jardell and Pure Cajun (3-5), Paul Daigle and Cajun Gold (5:15-7:15), Kira Viator (7:30-9:30), Jackie & Cousin  with guests Walter Mouton and Wayne Toups (9:45-11:45).  The last may be Jackie Caillier and the Cajun Cousins, an excellent dancehall-style band.  And woo hoo! – Walter Mouton quit his weekly gig at Le Poussiere, and Wayne Toups is a high-energy performer, whose last CD, “Reflections of the Past” was an excellent collection of traditional tunes, not his usual rock & roll ZydeCajun recordings.  Admission $10.

Awards include Male Vocalist, New Dawn (best new artist), Prix de Hors de Nous (best Cajun band from outside Louisiana), Female Vocalist, Accordionist of the Year, Fiddler of the Year, Best First CD, Best CD, Band of the Year and Song of the Year.

The CFMA is made up of mostly older folks and reflects older tastes.  If you’re in the area, go and enjoy!